The capabilities businesses require to succeed have changed significantly in the last decade. But the methods of building these remain old-order.

That's a critical corporate challenge, according to McKinsey&Company.

Pitch takes this challenge seriously. Our approach ensures that learning is consistently linked - in tangible and strategic ways - to business realities, and that skills taught become second nature.

This process ensures that learning is flexible enough to retain its power even as the business environment changes.

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What our clients say

This workshop was an eye-opener!

The role-play by the Pitch consultant, and the video feedback, made me realise how important good questioning and listening is in cross-selling, and how weak I was at it. I also liked working in pairs around a case study that was so realistic. It made me realize the importance of being strategic.

For once I learnt something practical and useful in a training course!

Corporate Banker, Investment Bank, Houston, 2014

In 25 years, this is the best presentations training I have attended. It was practical and focused; no time-wasting and focused on deal-making rather than giving speeches.

Most of all I really appreciated feedback on my presentation from a coach who understands my business...

Managing Director, Investment Bank, Montreal, 2013

Pitch are much more than a supplier of communications training. They are insightful partners in the development and delivery of incredibly practical and relevant performance learning that delivers lasting change.

They ran many programs for me, with huge success: from pitching for business, story-­telling for leaders, sales training, ‘trusted advisor’ training and negotiation skills.

Pitch uses a highly personalized coaching approach - small groups with skilled facilitators who are particularly good 'diagnosticians'. This is, I believe, is why they have such a sustained record of providing high-level (and often skeptical) professionals with new skills they can immediately implement to advance their careers.

In my long career in working with many different training suppliers, Pitch is without a doubt one of the very best.

Global Head of Training, Investment Bank, 2013

Your training was an amazing experience!

The facilitator provided interesting insights into what customers want (and don't want) and was able to coach in a way that really helped me learn. His feedback was so specific, concrete and constructive that it opened my eyes to acute things I could work on when I have to resolve customer difficulties in the future.

Most of all I left thinking I could actually do things better…I now have the tools to do this.

Customer Care Manager, Group Insurer, Vancouver, 2013

This was the most practical and intense negotiation course I’ve attended.

Fast-paced, realistic and uncomfortable…but in a good way! The case study and accompanying role-play were hard, but that is just like the interactions we have to deal with.

Thank you. What's next?

Executive Managing Director, Investment Bank, New York, 2015

All I can say is that my coach's feedback was like cod liver oil! As my mom would say, 'it is hard to take, son, but it is really good for you!' Yes, tough, practical and constructive.

This was a REALLY useful session on presenting as a leader!

Senior executive (Compliance), Retail Bank, Toronto, 2013

Your training had a terrific impact on me! 

I tried out my new presentation skills at two Town Hall meetings recently. I had to deliver a 10-minute presentation and a 3-minute presentation to about 100 people. To help me prepare I applied the structure Pitch taught me and was able to quickly organize my thoughts into a coherent and focused 'story'. Then, when I presented I implemented a number of the techniques you suggested and they really worked! I felt I engaged people, I used an analogy that really helped people understand, and I even got a few laughs.

Afterwards I got a lot of compliments from colleagues, and that hasn’t happened often!

Senior executive (Governance), Retail Bank, Chicago, 2014

Great work Pitch! I'm really glad we could work on our own presentations during your course (which is unusual). This increased the course’s usefulness to me.

I also really liked the fact that the course applied to all the kinds of presentations that I, as a bank manager, will be involved in - 'huddles', community 'keynotes', reporting up to the region, etc - and that your consultant was flexible enough to cater to my needs.

Bank Manager, Retail Bank, Naples (Florida), 2014

The realism and the challenge of Pitch's role-plays was why this was such an awesome learning experience.

In other training the peer role-plays felt fake. They just wasted time. But the Pitch actors made them so realistic. I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I said I learnt more about how to telephone prospect in four hours than I have in my entire career at a previous bank.

Investment Advisor, Personal and Commercial banking, Calgary, 2013

I want to let you both know how pleased I am with the presentation skills coaching I received from Pitch.

The coach with whom I worked is phenomenal! She helped me develop my presentation skills way beyond what I thought I was capable of. I remember my goals - engage the audience more, use stories and analogies, and use humor. When I wrote that, I really meant it, but I felt that it was a distant and probably unachievable goal.

Yet, the coaching – in-person and by telephone – led me to assess (after my final presentation to my peers) that I’d accomplished everything I had wanted to accomplish ... and more.

And I know I could not have done it without her coaching!

Senior executive (Risk), Retail Bank, Chicago, 2015

This short note is to say thanks to the Pitch crew for the telephone prospecting session last week. In the midst of an absolute deluge of learning opportunities last week, most talk from colleagues was about the Pitch session. They loved the simulated client conversations, recordings and feedback.

One gent went so far as to say that he had 'learnt more in one day with Pitch than he had in seven years at his previous bank'. Wow!

Investment Advisor, Personal and Commercial Banking, Toronto, 2014

When I was approached and asked to take four days off for training, I was skeptical. I'd been burnt too often by poor experiences.

But the time spent with Pitch Communications was the best investment I have made in my career. Since I returned to my desk nine months ago, I have significantly increased my closing ratio. My entire team has also been through the experience now.

Pitch’s team of communication consultants took the time to understand our business and the dynamics of how to best communicate with our high net worth clients, and then created a practice-rich learning experience that works. It really felt as if not a second was wasted. A year later we still refer to the 'Pitch approach' when we debrief!

Managing Director (and top earner), Private Bank, Chicago, 2014

This was the best training I have ever participated in!

I know many people have probably told you this before so let me tell you why. So often coaching and feedback in training is generic and there is never enough time to practice what you have just been coached on.

You guys provided detailed, concrete, one-on-one coaching and then pushed me to practice what you'd just taught me. Not sure I always liked that (!) but I left with lots of client conversation tips I can use.

That’s what's different about your training!

Trust Advisor, Private Bank, Milwaukee, 2014